About sqMight

sqMight uses sqLite as a backend, and offers each user a unique, temporary database instance. So, yes, go ahead and write those INSERT and UPDATE queries. CREATE or DROP tables. No one will know but you. Your personal database instance will stick around for a couple of hours, then it's kaput.

sqMight is intended for use in learning SQL, and is available under an MIT-style license.

Items listed in the 'products' table are real items found online. Many are listed at hackerthings.com, thinkgeek.com, or amazon.com. None of these shopping sites have any affiliation with this site.

If you wish to incorporate sqMight into your classroom curriculum or research, or otherwise use it commercially, please contact Tom Gregory at tom@alt-tag.com.

sqMight was conceived and built by Tom Gregory, based on an idea from Gove Allen in 2009.

sqMight uses code, ideas, images, or inspiration from the following publicly avaible sources: